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Dalia Ali Art

I am a Jordan-based artist with a formal training in architecture but my real passion has always been art. I am inspired by beauty in the world around me, whether it is beauty in the human figure and the emotions it evokes, or beauty in nature or in the built form. Although my subjects may vary, the sense of expression is constant. My medium of choice is acrylic together with other mixed media.

I am especially fascinated by the human form and the mood and emotions it communicates, and how in a painting, one change in a brush stroke can change the mood and feeling of the painting. I am constantly challenging myself to sacrifice detail and ‘abstractize’ the world around me without losing the meaning or the content.

My inspiration comes from life, photos, movies and my imagination. Even if I have a starting point of inspiration, my painting evolves into a life of its own, each step leading to the next. For me, painting is not only the end product, it is the entire journey that I go through to transform the white canvas into an atmosphere of colour, texture and emotions.

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